Norway has come very far in implementing multiculturalism: Seyran Khalili, Seematalent at Seema AS

Seyran Khalili is a research consultant at the NORMENT, K.G. Jebsen Centre for Psychosis Research, a Seema As talent program participant, and is currently doing her bachelor’s degree in psychology at the University of Oslo (UiO). While at college (2010-12), she was involved as PR Manager of the Kurdish Student Union, at the UiO, as a student mentor for MiFa in 2010, and the initiator, author and editor of the student blog Live2Learn in co-operation with the Faculty of...[ ] Full Article

Negotiating with the Taliban is worthless: Dr. Kaushik Roy

Professor Scott Gates of Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), and Director of Centre for the Study of Civil War and his colleague Dr. Kaushik Roy of Jadavpur University, India, at a seminar organized by Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO), Norway, spoke about their book and gave participants insight into the current situation in South Asia. Their book, ‘Unconventional Warfare in South Asia’, has been appreciated for its eccentric...[ ] Full Article

Unfortunately what Mr. Nahavandian says is not correct…Dr M Amiry-Moghaddam

Dr M Amiry-Moghaddam Human Rights Activist Interview By Chief IN Editor Of The Oslo Times Hatef Mokhtar Mahmood Amiry-Moghaddam thank you for accepting the interview with The Oslo Times International News Network. I recently had an interview with Mr. Mohammad Nahavandian the chief staff of President Rouhani while he was visiting Oslo. In response to the question of the situation of human rights and freedom of speech he expressed his opinion that there is a far more freedom...[ ] Full Article

Editor in Chief of The Oslo Times, Hatef Mokhtar meets with the Bosnian Archaeologist, Dr. Osmanagich.

The Oslo Times Editor in Chief, Hatef Mokhtar, meets Dr. Osmanagich The Bosnian Pyramids: Hoax or Transformation in our understanding of human history? “Almost everything they tell us about ancient history is wrong”. This is a direct quote from Sam Osmanagich, PhD. Dr. Osmanagich is the lead archaeologist for the research and exploration being conducted in Visoko, Bosnia concerning a curious phenomenon – extremely large, and mostly unexcavated, pyramids. Dr....[ ] Full Article
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