New Year 2015 greetings from Hatef Mokhtar, Editor-in-Chief of The Oslo times

One the eve of New Year, We wish all the readers, subscribers and the staff members of The Oslo Times a very prosperous and blessed New Year 2015 The year 2014 is over and we believe many of us have faced various challenges. We are also sure that each one of is may have faced several turbulence in personal and professional life in 2014 However, we believe we should take it as a learning experience. We would also like to wish special New Year 2015 greetings to all war-torn victims,...[ ] Full Article

The Oslo Times wishes you a Merry Christmas

It would be fair to say that 2014 has been a year filled with global challenges, so, may this Christmas bring with it joy and harmony across the world and to all humanity. We hope this global celebration binds hearts and creates an atmosphere for peace, joy and harmony. Christmas is about giving, sharing and taking care of our loved ones and everyone else especially to those who are less privileged than ourselves. Amidst the wars, terror and tragic incidents lets, let the...[ ] Full Article
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