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US-Iran nuke deal “a new paradigm of international relations”, Iranian envoy tells The Oslo Times

In an exclusive interview with Matthew Classen of The Oslo Times International News Network, Iranian Ambassador to Norway, Majid Nili, discusses the recent US-Iran Nuclear Deal and its prospects for furthering peaceful relations in the region, and internationally. Excerpts: TOT: The recent US-Iran Nuclear Deal is a major policy shift in the region and opens new potentials for more constructive and mutually beneficial relations with the US, western countries in...[ ] Full Article

“We have to take care of the human rights standard at home”, Maria Dahle of Human Rights House tells The Oslo Times

Let me begin by thanking you, Ms. Dahle, for taking the time to interview with us today. Your work with Human Rights House Foundation interests us greatly. Can you tell me little bit about what the Human Rights House does? When you ask about Human Rights House, it is actually the Human Rights House network. We are one of the seven organisations under the Human Rights Foundation. The Human Rights House in Oslo is based on the same model as you have in different other countries. It...[ ] Full Article

Dominican Republic should stop sending stateless people to Haiti: Haitian PM Evans Paul,tells The Oslo Times

Evans Paul is a Haitian politician and former president of the Democratic United Committee. He was elected as mayor of Port-au-Prince in the 1990 elections that brought Jean-Bertrand Aristide’s National Front for Change and Democracy party to power. He made an unsuccessful run for President of Haiti in the 2006 elections under the Democratic Alliance Party banner.  He was leader of the Convergence Démocratique prior to the 2004...[ ] Full Article

We supply an enabling platform to information: Telenor Prez Baksaas,tells The Oslo Times

Jon Fredrik Baksaas has been President and CEO of Telenor Group since June 2002, He previously worked as the Deputy CEO, CFO and Executive Vice-president with the overall responsibility for Telenor’s networks and communication services in Norway, one of the World’s most advanced countries in ICT usage. During the Education Summit in Oslo, Telenor presented ways that internet could be usual in the learning process. The Oslo Times Editor-in-Chief, Hatef...[ ] Full Article

Pak can facilitate reconciliation process in Afghanistan: Nat’l Security Adviser Aziz, tells The Oslo Times

Pakistan‘s National Security Adviser, economist and strategist Sartaj Aziz, who is also a key adviser to Pakistan‘s Ministry of Foreign Affairs spoke to The Oslo Times International News Network’s Editor-in-Chief Hatef Mokhtar, about his trip to Oslo The importance of education in the developing World and Afghan-Pak relations and the advances the two governments have made in this regards. The Excerpts below give us an insight into the interesting talk that...[ ] Full Article

Not everyone who believes in Freedom wants Freedom: Israeli Journalist,Gil Hovav,Tells The Oslo Times

A leading culinary journalist and television personality in Israel, Gil Hovav belongs to one of the most respected families in the Jewish World. Hovav has played a major role in changing Israeli cuisine from a basic traditional food to one of the enviable gourmet dining. After beginning his career as a restaurant critic, Hovav moved on to become a newspaper editor. He was involved in creating, producing and presenting some of Israel‘s most viewed and loved...[ ] Full Article

Important to speak out against all forms of discrimination: Canadian envoy Wilczynski tells The Oslo Times

Canadian Ambassador to Norway Artur Wilczynski, is also an expert in international security who has also served as the Director General of the International Security and Intelligence Bureau at the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development. His responsibilities included counter-terrorism, combating transnational organized crime, human smuggling and international defense. Additionally, before joining the Department of Foreign Affairs and...[ ] Full Article
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