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Dominican Republic should stop sending stateless people to Haiti: Haitian PM Evans Paul,tells The Oslo Times

Evans Paul is a Haitian politician and former president of the Democratic United Committee. He was elected as mayor of Port-au-Prince in the 1990 elections that brought Jean-Bertrand Aristide’s National Front for Change and Democracy party to power. He made an unsuccessful run for President of Haiti in the 2006 elections under the Democratic Alliance Party banner.  He was leader of the Convergence Démocratique prior to the 2004...[ ] Full Article

We supply an enabling platform to information: Telenor Prez Baksaas,tells The Oslo Times

Jon Fredrik Baksaas has been President and CEO of Telenor Group since June 2002, He previously worked as the Deputy CEO, CFO and Executive Vice-president with the overall responsibility for Telenor’s networks and communication services in Norway, one of the World’s most advanced countries in ICT usage. During the Education Summit in Oslo, Telenor presented ways that internet could be usual in the learning process. The Oslo Times Editor-in-Chief, Hatef...[ ] Full Article

“Malaysia… has all the symptoms of an illiberal democracy, or a very soft authoritarian regime”, Nurul Izzar Anwar tells The Oslo Times

Ms. Izzar Anwar, you are a prominent Malaysian politician, as well as the daughter of the highly renown Anwar Ibrahim, who is the former Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia, a democratic activist and is currently imprisoned for the fourth time under false pretenses for his political views and activities. Thank very much for joining us for this interview. It is a pleasure to speak with you and learn more about the political and human rights situation in you home country of...[ ] Full Article

Putin thinks people are sheep who cant rise without foreign intervention: Serbian activist Srda Popović, tells The Oslo Times

Srđa Popović  is a Serbian political activist. He used to be a Serbian student activist in the 1990s and was elected to the Serbian parliament in 2000 to 2003. He was a leader of the student movement Otpor! that helped topple Serbian dictator Slobodan Milošević. After pursuing a political career in Serbia, in 2003 he established the Centre for Applied Nonviolent Action and Strategies (CANVAS), and has been its executive director since. CANVAS...[ ] Full Article

Russia is the reason behind all the conflicts in Eastern Europe: Ukraine’s former President Vicktor Yushchenko, tells the Oslo Times

Viktor Yushchenko is a Ukrainian politician who was the third President of Ukraine from 2005 to 2010. As an informal leader of the Ukrainian opposition coalition, he was one of the two main candidates in the 2004 Ukrainian presidential election. Yushchenko won the presidency through a repeat runoff election between him and Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych. He was Governor of the National Bank of Ukraine. From 1999 to 2001 he was Prime Minister....[ ] Full Article

“My enemy is the government of Iran. It is not Israel,”Iranian-born author, Marina Nemat, tells The Oslo Times

May 30, Oslo: Author and Human Right Activist Merina Nemat who came into limelight  for her two memoirs about her life growing up in Iran, serving time in Evin Prison for speaking out against the Iranian government, escaping a death sentence and finally fleeing Iran for a new life in Canada.  The Oslo Times International News Network’s Editor-in-Chief, Hatef Mokhtar, met with Nemat for an exclusive interview on her life, her views on Iran and other dictatorial...[ ] Full Article

Nepal requires a master plan to get out of crisis situation: EU Ambassador, Rensje Teerink tells The Oslo Times

May 24, Kathmandu: According to a report published by the Government of Nepal, the overall initial cost estimates of the damage caused by the Gorkha Earthquake and its numerous aftershocks stands at a staggering $10 billion, which is over half of the country’s National Gross Domestic Product. At a time when the country faces its worst crisis in years, which threatens to push Nepal further into a humanitarian and economic crisis, The Oslo Times met with the European...[ ] Full Article
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