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Play writer Bhatti in an exclusive interview with The Oslo Times International News Network’s Editor -in Chief, Hatef Mokhtar

Gurpreet Kaur Bhatti is a British Sikh writer. She has written extensively for stage, screen and radio. Her first play Behsharam (Shameless) broke box office records when it played at Soho Theatre and the Birmingham Rep in 2001. Her play Behzti  won the ‘Susan Smith Blackburn Prize’ for the best English language play written by a woman in 2005. Play writer Bhatti in an exclusive interview with The Oslo Times International News Network’s Editor -in...[ ] Full Article

Iranian women recognized that they wanted freedom for a better life: Writer, Mona Eltahawy tells The Oslo Times

Freelance Journalist and Egyptian-American feminist writer and commentator Mona Eltahawy,  has  spoken publicly at universities, panel discussions and interfaith gatherings on human rights and reform in the Islamic world, feminism and Egyptian Muslim–Christian relations in addition to her other concerns. Eltahawy who was granted American citizenship in 2011, has also written  essays and op-eds for worldwide publications on Egypt and the Islamic world,...[ ] Full Article

Norwegian politics is based on democratic and humanistic values: Mayor of Ski, Anne Kristine Linnestad

Anne Kristine Linnestad, since 2011 has been the mayor of the municipality of Ski . She was first elected to the council in 1979 , at the age of 17, Mayor Linnestad in a brief interview with the Oslo Times International News Network’s Editor-in-Chief,Hatef Mokhtar, spoke about Ski, her view on Human Rights, democracy and extremism. Mayor Mayor Linnestad, during the interview also shared her views on how to prevent children from being lured into extremism by extremist...[ ] Full Article

EU concerned about youngster joining extremist groups: Helen Campbell

The European Union’s  Ambassador and Head of the EU delegation to Norway, Helen Campbell has been working with the European Commission since 1993, and prior to her appointment in Norway she chaired EU’s Division of Policy and Coordination. Ambassador Campbell, in a short and exclusive interview with The Oslo Times International News Network’s, Editor-in-Chief Hatef Mokhtar, talks about the role of the EU delegation in Norway, the steps the...[ ] Full Article

We cannot imagine any kind of relationship with Russia apart from ‘Open War’: David Usupashvili

Georgian Speaker of Parliament David Usupashvili in an exclusive interview with Oslo Times International News Network spoke about the pertaining Human Rights issues in Georgia and the kind of reforms his government has brought about since their landslide victory in the last elections. Speaking to The Editor-in-Chief of the Oslo Times, Hatef Mokhtar, The Georgian Speaker spoke in depth about the problems they were facing and Georgia’s relationship with its...[ ] Full Article

Democracy has no chance in a poor society – says Nurlan Mussin Chargé d’affaires a.i. Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan to the Kingdom of Norway

(L) Nurlan Mussin Chargé d’affaires a.i. Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan to the Kingdom of Norway with (R) Hatef Mokhtar Editor in Chief of The Oslo Times Honorable Charge de Affair of Kazakhstan to Norway, ‘The Oslo Times’ welcomes you to an exclusive interview with its Editor in Chief and Editorial Board panel. It is indeed a privilege to be with you and exchange views with you on a range of important global issues… Full Article

Q&A: I was a better person than what was in front of my peers says Rebecca Rifai

In the image above: (L) Editor in Chief of The Oslo Times Hatef Mokhtar & in (R) Speaker, Artist & Author Ms. Rebecca Rifai of Canada. REBECCA RIFAI Speaker, artiste, author: She has been chiseling her path in the arts for most of her life. Working as a celebrity speaker, actor and recently becoming an author. More importantly, as a humble woman, Rebecca Rifai speaks about the boundaries and opportunities of her industry and world at large. These are her thoughts on...[ ] Full Article
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