Mayor of Oslo Stian Berger Røsland, in an Exclusive Interview with The Oslo Times

Oslo is one of the fastest growing capitals in Europe. Governing Mayor of Oslo, Stian Berger Røsland, who is dedicated in facilitating Oslo`s growth as a “SMART, SAFE, GREEN” city, has worked extensively with school issues, environmental issues and later transport and urban development issues since 1999. Today Oslo is ranked as one of the ten smartest cities in the world according to, IESE Cities in Motion Index, and it scores particularly well on environment,...[ ] Full Article

The Mayor of the City of Moss Tage Pettersen in an exclusive interview with The Oslo Times

The City of Moss is known for its colorful history and culture and the lady of Moss who stands facing the sea as if waiting for someone to return. The Oslo Times International News Network spoke to mayor Tage Pettersen about the City of Moss, its history, development and the challenges modern day Moss faces. During the exclusive interview with the Editor-in-Chief of The Oslo Times, Hatef Mokhtar, Mayor Tage Pettersen spoke not only about the City of Moss today but also the kind...[ ] Full Article

Extremism is a problem in many of our cities in Norway: Thor Haakon Edquistll, Mayor of Halden

Halden is both a town and a municipality Østfold county, Norway. This border town is located at the mouth of the Tista River which just happens to be the southernmost border crossing between Norway and Sweden.The mayor of Halden, Thor Haakon Edquistll in an exclusive interview with The Oslo Times International News Network spoke about Halden, its rich culture, economic sectors and their efforts in mitigating extremism. While talking to the Editor-in-Chief of the Oslo...[ ] Full Article

Norwegian politics is based on democratic and humanistic values: Mayor of Ski, Anne Kristine Linnestad

Anne Kristine Linnestad, since 2011 has been the mayor of the municipality of Ski . She was first elected to the council in 1979 , at the age of 17, Mayor Linnestad in a brief interview with the Oslo Times International News Network’s Editor-in-Chief,Hatef Mokhtar, spoke about Ski, her view on Human Rights, democracy and extremism. Mayor Mayor Linnestad, during the interview also shared her views on how to prevent children from being lured into extremism by extremist...[ ] Full Article
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