Not everyone who believes in Freedom wants Freedom: Israeli Journalist,Gil Hovav,Tells The Oslo Times

A leading culinary journalist and television personality in Israel, Gil Hovav belongs to one of the most respected families in the Jewish World. Hovav has played a major role in changing Israeli cuisine from a basic traditional food to one of the enviable gourmet dining. After beginning his career as a restaurant critic, Hovav moved on to become a newspaper editor. He was involved in creating, producing and presenting some of Israel‘s most viewed and loved...[ ] Full Article

Senior journalist Ahmed Benchemsi in an exclusive interview with The Oslo Times

May 28, Oslo: Ahmed Benchemsi is a Moroccan journalist. He is the founder and was the publisher and editor of TelQuel magazine. Benchemsi’s editorials often generated controversy in Morocco. He was also repeatedly criticized for running highly controversial cover stories. “The Salary of The King”, “Moroccans, How Do You Make Love?”, “The Jewish in Us”, “What if Cannabis Was Legalized” and “Enough is Enough!” are a few...[ ] Full Article
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