New Year 2015 greetings from Hatef Mokhtar, Editor-in-Chief of The Oslo times 

New Year 2015 greetings from Hatef Mokhtar, Editor-in-Chief of The Oslo times

One the eve of New Year, We wish all the readers, subscribers and the staff members of The Oslo Times a very prosperous and blessed New Year 2015

The year 2014 is over and we believe many of us have faced various challenges. We are also sure that each one of is may have faced several turbulence in personal and professional life in 2014 However, we believe we should take it as a learning experience.

We would also like to wish special New Year 2015 greetings to all war-torn victims, journalists, human rights victims and activists for their immense contribution towards bringing the peace and stability. We all aim to live a life with peace and dignity and also wish to see people in our neighboring countries’ living in an atmosphere of safety.

We have seen atrocities meted out to innocent people under dictatorial regimes, massive violation of human rights, child abuse and imprisonment of journalists.

Our sympathy and heart goes out to all civilians and journalists who lost their lives in state conflicts. We sincerely and firmly believe in the ideology of freedom of expression and democracy. We pray and hope that dictatorial regimes in the world should end, and democracy, respect for human rights and freedom of expression should prevail.

Life always tests our patience; however, it’s only courage which makes you to strong to face any hardship. It’s the courage that turns disaster into triumph and obstacles into stepping stones. Courage is not an absence of fear, but it’s a conquest of fear. So, with all my humility, We hope and pray to God to bring peace and stability in the world by infusing people with courage.

We wish everyone to have an access to freedom of expression, democracy and respect for human rights. We must remember that the world is a global village and we all human beings are like a family, therefore, we should live and respect each and every human being.

With this thought and wish, We, once again, would like to wish everyone a blissful and joyous New Year. May God Bless everyone who exists in this world.

Happy New Year. Make a wish.

Yours sincerely,
Hatef Mokhtar
Editor In chief of The Oslo times

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