Social Activist Valarie Khan in an exclusive interview with The Oslo Times

Valarie Khan is a French national who has been living in Pakistan for nearly two decades. A dedicated, determined and hard working development professional with 18 years of experience in the SAARC region (especially Pakistan), in the field of capacity building engineering, child protection, women’s rights and gender issues (with a strong focus on worst forms of gender based violence such as “Honor” crimes and acid violence). She is the Chairperson of the...[ ] Full Article

Play writer Bhatti in an exclusive interview with The Oslo Times International News Network’s Editor -in Chief, Hatef Mokhtar

Gurpreet Kaur Bhatti is a British Sikh writer. She has written extensively for stage, screen and radio. Her first play Behsharam (Shameless) broke box office records when it played at Soho Theatre and the Birmingham Rep in 2001. Her play Behzti  won the ‘Susan Smith Blackburn Prize’ for the best English language play written by a woman in 2005. Play writer Bhatti in an exclusive interview with The Oslo Times International News Network’s Editor -in...[ ] Full Article

South Asia has generally become dangerous for journalists: Social Activist Hina Jilani, tells The Oslo Times

Hina Jilani is a lawyer and civil society activist and active in the movement for peace, human rights and women’s rights in Pakistan for the last three decades. She specializes in human rights litigation, and is especially concerned with the human rights of women, children, minorities, bonded and child labour, political and other prisoners. She is internationally recognised for her expertise in critical human rights investigations. Jilani in an exclusive...[ ] Full Article

I dont think there are enough opportunities for women across the workd to share their experiences:Human rights activist, Farida Shaheed, tells The Oslo Times

The Pakistani sociologist and feminist human rights activist, Farida Shaheed, over the past 25 years of has used  feminist lens on issues of rural development, labor, culture, religion and the state. Also a United Nations Special Rapporteur in the field of cultural rights.She heads the Shirkat Gah women’s resource centre in Pakistan, and is known for her extensive work on gender and class analysis, both in Pakistan and globally.  Shaheed was...[ ] Full Article

Al-Shabab, I find them hilarious: Social Activist Leyla Hussein tells The Oslo Times

Leyla Hussein, is a Somali psychotherapist and social activist and the  a co-founder of the ‘Daughters of Eve’ a non-profit organization. Over the past decade, Hussein has received a number of awards for her work. Among these are the 2008 PCT Breaking Down Barriers Award, the 2010 Cosmopolitan Ultimate Campaigner Women of the Year Award, the 2011 Emma Humphrey Award, to name a few.  During her visit to Norway for the World Women’s Conference, Hussein...[ ] Full Article

Sexual harassment is most common in all areas of the society:Senior Advocacy Officer and Documentary filmmaker Melody Patry

Melody Patry is a Senior Advocacy Officer at free speech organisation Index on Censorship, a documentary filmmaker, who specializes in using creative storytelling and digital technologies to support human rights. Her most recent film, ‘Shout Art Loud’, was filmed in Egypt and it explores the role of arts in challenging sexual harassment and violence against women.  Patry who was at Oslo for the World of Women conference, Spoke to The Oslo Times on the challenges...[ ] Full Article

Iranian women recognized that they wanted freedom for a better life: Writer, Mona Eltahawy tells The Oslo Times

Freelance Journalist and Egyptian-American feminist writer and commentator Mona Eltahawy,  has  spoken publicly at universities, panel discussions and interfaith gatherings on human rights and reform in the Islamic world, feminism and Egyptian Muslim–Christian relations in addition to her other concerns. Eltahawy who was granted American citizenship in 2011, has also written  essays and op-eds for worldwide publications on Egypt and the Islamic world,...[ ] Full Article

Despite progresses, women are still victims of violence: Afghan MP Fawzia Koofi tells The Oslo Times

Fawzia Koofi is an Afghan Children and Women’s right activist who has worked extensively in the children’s right-to education sector and was an integral part of UNICEF’s ‘Back to School’ campaign for girls. Also a Member of Parliament in Kabul and is the Vice President of the National Assembly.  This dynamic politician during her visit to Oslo, spoke to The Oslo Times International News Network’s Editor-in-Chief Hatef...[ ] Full Article

The Human Rights situation in Iran, has worsened under Rouhani administration: Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, Sheerin Ebadi

 Nobel Peace prize laureate Sheerin Ebadi, who was honored with the peace prize in 2010, for her pioneering efforts in the protection of women’s, children’s, and refugee rights in Iran, was in Oslo recently for the ‘World Women’s Conference’. During her visit to the Norwegian capital,  she met with the Oslo Times International News Network’s Editor-in-Chief, Hatef Mokhtar, for an exclusive interview regarding the human rights situation in Iran....[ ] Full Article
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